Bestelnummer: LC-1781EF+
Levertijd: [?] 3-4 werkdagen
Barcode: 4044144620300
Hoeveelheid: 1 Stuks
High-performance business VPN router with hardware NAT for connections to an external modem or fiber, incl. IPSec VPN (5 channels / opt. 25), Load Balancing, QoS, USB, ISDN backup, and 4 energy-efficient 802.3az Gigabit Ethernet ports, LANCOM 1781EF+, ( LANCOM Article nr. 62030 )

The LANCOM 1781EF+ is a professional, high-performance VPN router with a Gigabit Ethernet WAN port for connection to an external cable modem. The SFP port for connecting to a fiber-optic cable (FTTx) enables high-speed Internet for any industry and field of application. The extensive range of IPSec VPN functions offered by the LANCOM 1781EF+ additionally guarantees that sites are networked securely. The right choice for secure, reliable, and sustainable networking solutions "Made in Germany".

-Versatile business VPN router for high-speed Internet via external modems or fiber optics
-Secure site connectivity with 5 simultaneous IPSec VPN connections (25 channels optional)
-Integrated stateful-inspection firewall with intrusion detection and Denial-of-Service protection
-Network virtualization with up to 16 networks on one device (ARF)
-Gigabit routing performance thanks to the support of hardware NAT
-Security Made in Germany
-Maximum future compatibility, reliability, and security